Your Fire Goes Before Us

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Your fire goes before us



We have set our eyes on pilgrimage

A                              D
into the promised land

We have set our hearts to seek your face

A                                                   D
in the presence of your spirit Lord
Bm                   G
We shall not fear we will stand

Bm                    G
by the power of your hand

Bm                   G
You made the way by Your word

You lead us on

Your fire goes before us

Your glory leads the way

G                            A                    D        A
As in the days of Moses You arise

No Ocean can divide us

No river is too wide

G                                A                   D
in the greatness of Your majesty we stand

You have opened up a door to us
Boldly we enter in
We see You send forth Your decree
And fire form the alter falls
The beacons burn with heaven’s fire
As all the Angels testify
Now is the time, Swing wide the gates
The King is here


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