Thy Kingdom Come

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Gently with reverence


E                                          B

Teach me to see with your eyes Lord

A                     E

Transform my heart

      B                                C#m                     B

With you I am more than able to touch this world

                 E                                 A

Where my heart has grown lukewarm

                   E                     B

Where I’ve settled in apathy

                C#m                 A                          B

Won’t you come ignite the fire that burns so dim






                      E       B                      C#m

Thy kingdom come,    thy will be done

           A                  E                                 Bsus4     B

In this city, in this nation, throughout the earth

             E  B                    C#m

Emmanuel    ever present God

        A                              E                                                            

I will boast of all you’ve done                                                        

       C#m              B                     A                                                

I will rise up and be strong Emmanuel                                          





A                 B                    E                                                  

Begin Lord with me do as you will

         A            B                       E

I surrender my life into Your hands

        A              B             Cdim         C#m   E

I will take up my cross and follow after you

           A                   Bsus4     B

For the mercy of your plan



You are my light and salvation

I will not fear

You are my sure foundation on which I stand

I declare your goodness Lord

That the world would know your name

There’s a longing in my soul for which I pray





CCLI No 4760829                                                      



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