Lord of the harvest

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Lord of the Harvest


The fields are white the time is now coming

The harvest is ready but the labours few

For how will they know lest someone tells them?

Lord of the harvest send me


How beautiful the feet of those who bring good news

Whose voices goes out into all of the earth

But how will they go lest someone sends them

Lord God of mercy send me


Lord I’ll go, for you are our God and king

From coast to coast you reign over everything

Lord of the harvest     come revive us

Lord of the nation’s heal our Land


Lord make known the knowledge of your glory

Let all the nations know of your goodness

But who will proclaim this gospel of peace

Lord God of glory send me


Open our eyes to see what you’re doing

Open our ears so we know how to pray

Restore to me the joy of salvation

Lord hear my prayer, send me


We declare the supremacy of Christ

We lift up the God of salvation

For all will be saved who call on his name

Lord God of power send me





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