Incredible Jesus

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G                               Am

Jesus, thank you Jesus

     C/D                                   G           D/F#

My glory and the lifter of my head

Em   Em/D             C     G/B

Jesus    incredible Je——sus

Am                        C/D               G

Restorer and the rescue of my soul


Verse 1


You’re my Redeemer, You are my Healer

Gave of Your life, You gave it all for me

You’re my sustainer, my Deliverer

My Strength and my Shield

In You I will Trust


Jesus, Jesus………


When you are with me, Courage is mine

Safe on the hill, on the mountain of your presence

You’re my protection, I’m hidden in You

You’re jealous for me the one that You love



Tadala Verse 1 and 1st Chorus

Angie Verse 2 & 2nd Chorus


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