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Come welcome the king


Hear the voice of one crying in the desert

Prepare for the coming of the Lord

Hear the rattling of dry bones in the valley

Awakening to the calling of the Lord

Hear the marching of the coming king of glory

It’s the God of the armies of heaven

Ring the bell oh you coastlands his angels fill the sky

Sound the trumpet the king is here


Come welcome the king, The Lord strong and mighty

Come welcome the king, Victorious in battle

Come welcome the King, Marching out in splendor

Come welcome the king,-The LORD of hosts is her


Hear the sound of the groaning of creation

Longing for the sons of God to be revealed

Discern the times discern the changing of the seasons

Wash your robes in the blood of the lamb

Hear a wind storm from heaven hear a wind storm of the spirit

A mighty wind blows across the seas.

Awaken you coastlands his glory fills the sky

Sound the trumpet the king is here


The trumpet sounds the angels go out

On the four winds he gathers his people

Let the earth rejoice; the coastlands be glad

Joyful praise sung from land and sea

Come awaken to the promise

Come awaken to the sound

Awake oh sleeper rise from your bed

Give glory to the king of kings


Come awaken too his word set before you

Give glory to the name of the Lord



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