Can you hear the horses running

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Can you hear the horses running
Verse 1
D                                                                               G
Can you hear the horses running Can you hear there hooves on the ground
Em                                         D
Can you hear the chariots of heaven pound the land
D                                                                      G
Can you see a great procession Can you see it move across the earth
Em                                              D
Can you see the Pilgrims of grace carrying there cross

C                  G/B                 D
Can you hear the sound that heaven can’t ignore
C          G/B      D
Can you hear the Lion’s mighty roar

Verse 2
This is the time to ride with horses; this is the time to awake
This is the time to arise and shine
Now is the time to light the beacons, all across this land
This is the time of jubilee
C                                                    G/B
So come on and raise up a shout, so come on and lift up your voice, (repeat)
Bb                                   D
For the lord God almighty he reigns

Verse 3
Ring out the bells of salvation; let them sound across the land
For this is the call to worship him
Fling wide you heavenly gates, come on and open up you doors
Come and let the king of glory in

Come release the sound that heaven can’t ignore, come release the lion’s mighty roar

D           Am         G       D
Come release the lion’s roar


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