Awake you who sleep lyrics

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Will you walk among the flowers of Scotland

Till the highlands and low lands are one

Will you run across the fields of England

With the white and red rose in your hair

And go down to the valleys of Wales

And climb up the mountains of the north

Will you sing a song of peace in Ireland

Will you heal up the wounds of the land


You will walk among the Braveheart of Scotland

For its time for the prophets to arise

You will run with the lion heart of England

She carries hope and glory as her crown

You will sing the song of David in wales

And their voice will go out beyond these shores

You raise apostles and fathers in Ireland

and send them to all the earth


Awake you who sleep

Arise from the dead

And Christ will shine his light on these shores

His banner will cover this land


And your rain falls on the fields of Scotland

Hear the cries of the blood upon the Land

Spirit blow through the courts of England

So the mountains and hills are brought low

Come now breath on the ancient hymns of wales

They will stir up revival once again

For you dance upon injustice in Ireland

To the sound of the pipes and drums


You open the windows of heaven

You bring forth the fountain of life

You’re fires pierce through the darkness

Let them burn let them be light

Jesus it’s your kingdom

Jesus your kingdom come


Your spirit and word come together,

Revival breaks out on these shores

The lion roars from the coastlands

And is heard in all of the earth

Jesus it’s your kingdom

Jesus your kingdom come


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