Moving to Higher Ground

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In 1998 I had a dream about a tidal wave moving in from the East Coast. In that dream my son Daniel was on the beach playing in the sand, reluctant to move with me to higher ground. On a high ledge was a Salvation Army band.

I believe that dream is a calling for us as a church to move to higher ground and one of the ways of doing this is through worship.

Also around the same time I felt the Lord say 2015 was going to be a very significant year, so we are preparing for all the Lord has for us in this year.


Next year we start with taking the message of ‘Moving to Higher Ground’ out into the nations. We believe God is calling the church to a higher place to seek his presence. God is also opening doors to teach others to operate in prophetic worship and intercession.

We are again linking up with churches around the region to deliver a series of meetings entitled ‘Carrying the Presence’


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